Jules in addition to Monty Filming = Finished As of 11am last Wednesday

Jules in addition to Monty Filming = Finished As of 11am last Wednesday (aka Monday, February 17th) the exact cast along with crew for Jules along with Monty (the web sequence I talked about all those weeks ago in thispost) TWISTED principle taking pictures!!! WAHOOOOO!

To be fair, most of us still have with regards to a month involving post-production to help jump within, but generally talking we will will have our saturdays and sundays back to take into account how to get students again (ha ha) and will spend our Wednesdays at the TUTV station watching rough slices until all the things is finished… insanity.

It had been a long weekend— lovingly recognized a ‘party weekend’— during which we featured FOUR DAYS OR WEEKS in a line, covering three different periods. On Thursday we even had an extremely good opportunity to work together with Dean Coffin, our very own leader of Admission, who visited our set (aka my dorm room) to have a cameo as Juliet’s father, George Caine (a name your dog penned himself)–check out Dean Coffin’s web log! We returned everywhere coming from episode eight to episode 13 to be able to episode 20 and quick grown timbers . incredible number of work we’d to accomplish, the marvelous forged and team pushed all through to the conclusion, celebrating our own wrap that has a trip to Charlie’s, a cheese burger place in Cambridge, for 2 bottle Guinness mozzarella dairy product burgers and even vanilla mixes: oh yeah, young children and can how to rejoice in.

Now that is a matter of tying up loose ends: Bill, our editor, has secured himself apart in the updating room making sure that what you see on YouTube on March is an effective representation one’s series; I have been working on advertising and marketing outlets and talking to musicians; Ed is usually combing by means of countless hours of Vlog Vlog material, the very backstage vlog; and Emma and Claire, our assistant directors, occasion our very important Wrap Gathering.

On MARCH 1st this trailer, Zynga, and tweet will be launched into the stratosphere, so look out for that will, and then upon March 10th Jules and Monty would be an actual the real world web collection and will in on YouTube with these first 2 episodes… goodness, it’s most of coming with each other now.

Numbers, Analytics, and The Pleasurable Things You Can Do At their side

Phone numbers are fun. Quantification is the essential human technique for progress, of your house the number of Facebook or myspace friends, personalities on Yelp, revenue the quarter, stock prices, or simply touchdowns won. Even better, we’re surrounded by listings of quantities describing almost everything around individuals. As a man with categorical tendencies, My spouse and i get enthusiastic about doing this with one of these numbers, and as a computer scientific research major, I must automate this process. In the past hackathons I’ve been for you to, when I wasn’t working on my official venture, I figured I’d make sure to interpret a few of these numbers.

The main weekend associated with February is the Tufts Hackathon, which I co-organized with my buddy Will. Therefore, I used most of the occurrence moving chairs, feeding people, passing out swag, and tweeting. Now, I had always discovered a casual connection between my very own attendance on hackathons and also frequency about tweets that I send out. Seated on a personal pc all night can inspire you broadcast many your 140-character thoughts. When i figured We would formalize this particular theory that has a graph:


Purple rods are my tweets. Pink bars usually are days We were at hackathons. Suspicions affirmed.

In fact , the numbers may lie: my average twitter updates per day can be 1 . 234; my common tweets every day during hackathons is 8. 333. Let me provide the bit involving Python code that I used to estimate ’em.


You can see within the line amounts that this can be a snippet within the middle regarding my codes. For backdrop, I’ve gained days, a list of tweets on a daily basis (which I had using the Twits API), and even hackathons, a listing of dates Being at hackathons. I obtain the average regarding tweets overall by summing up the number of twitter posts and separating by the length of time, and the average hackathon twitting by adding right up tweets everyday for each day I was in the hackathon, as well as dividing with the number of days Being at hackathons.


Afterward, at PennApps, I was experimenting with the Spoiled Tomatoes API and family pets, and I decided the following final thoughts:

  • Movies regarding cats and films about puppies are every bit as well liked (average audience get of 62%)

  • Movies concerning cats in which mention dogs do 23% worse than those that no longer mention pet dogs.

  • Movies concerning dogs this mention cats and kittens do ony 16% more serious than their particular counterparts the fact that don’t speak about dogs.

  • Chicken movies perform nearly two times as well as soon as they mention from the description that they are about birds.

how do you write an annotated bibliography If you think this can be ridiculous or made up, browse code. I included guidance on how to perform it your self, so test it out for and see the things you think!

Do you consider my cases are fully false? Am I misinterpreting the results? Want to hear the extremely sketchy factors I did inside the Twitter work that made me too humiliated to put the whole codebase on the web (Hint: think about the units on the x-axis)? Keep a comment or twitter at myself!

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